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It took us quite sometime to decide how to write this first blog post because as you can imagine the responsibility was immense!

The idea was to focus on one main question that people always ask us and that has no straight answer…

Why should we hire a wedding planner?

Apparently there are a few reasons why most couples think they shouldn’t…

Think about it:

It’s another expense to add to a budget that seems short from the very start.

It’s having one more person to coordinate your ideas with and who’ll be telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, and hey, that’s what mothers are for right?

And the truth is… Most of our couples don’t realize how important it is to have a wedding planner, until they do!

So let’s clear a few myths and in the end we hope you’ll have a better understanding of how we can help!

1. Is hiring a wedding planner truly an extra cost?

Yes and no! We told you there were no straight answers so here we go…

While there is a cost in hiring a wedding planner, that covers the work, the hours and all the tasks that are taken care off for you, the value paid for hiring a wedding planner will actually reflect on the less time you’ll be spending in:

  • planning,
  • searching for suppliers,
  • checking contracts,
  • confirming payments and deadlines,
  • passing on information from one vendor to the next in order to have them coordinated…

All this time, that you don’t always value because it’s yours and no one would pay you for doing this either way, is still time you’re not spending with family, with friends, or doing other things you’d rather be doing.

And yes, there will be times you’ll wish you were doing something else…

Also, bear in mind that all the tasks that a wedding planner takes off your back, reflect on less stress and a few things less to juggle at a time when, believe us, you’ll still have plenty to do…

2. Won’t it take away all the fun?

A few couples fear that having a wedding planner will mean sharing the fun of choosing all the little details they have dreamt of for years and you might even feel funny about sharing them with someone who’s not even a close friend…

As much as your wedding planner loves weddings, and they do love weddings, they are there for you.

They won’t make your decisions but they will prepare all the information you need prior to deciding.

And that’s one of the great advantages of having an experienced professional by your side.

They’ll be able to guide you through the pros and cons, through the if’s and when’s so you can just take your pick and do it fully aware of what you are choosing.

3. Do I really need to hire a wedding planner? I have already selected the main vendors and the hard work is pretty much done…

If you’ve already selected a venue, the catering company and a few other details you are definitely on the right path and have already made some very important choices!

However, are you sure you covered all the details?

A wedding planner will go with you to meetings to:

  • make sure the vendor gives you all the information you need to know:
    • schedules and time limits,
    • necessary permits,
    • mandatory services they might require such as cleaning before, during or after the event
    • staff requirements
    • payments and deadlines
  • They will take notes and make sure everyone sticks to what was verbally agreed while putting it all in a written contract

And this is just the beginning…

Once the contract is signed, the wedding planners take over these contacts not only to keep the couple from having to contact four, five or more suppliers while planning their wedding but also to make sure no information is accidentally lost, and it will be their responsibility to:

  • Confirm final guest counts and pass on information such as the ages of the children attending or your uncle’s seafood allergy;
  • Confirm assembly and dismantling timings with all the vendors that will be at your wedding and make sure all teams arrive on time and have everything ready and tested before the guests arrive;
  • Manage timings in case there are delays – you’re not going to have a 30 minute cocktail just because the ceremony ran late and the dinner was scheduled to start at 7p.m.;
  • They will be the ones making sure the groomsmen don’t forget the rings, making sure the bridesmaids have their flip-flops handy and definitely making sure your cousin has a taxi to take her home safely at the end of the party…

This list could go on and on but we don’t want to keep you…

We’re sure you’ve already spent hours on Pinterest before you got here and know you’re probably driving yourself insane figuring out how to gather all those beautiful ideas in a day that lasts only 24 hours… Good luck, we’ve been there too and have that same struggle every week!

So we’ll make it very simple…  Your wedding planner will be your “go-to-person” from day one!

And believe us when we tell you, that you won’t regret hiring an amazing wedding planner!

We’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to drop us a note, a comment or even other questions… We might even split this into a sequel post and go through your doubts!



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