“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing”
- Goethe -

Although in other countries it is already a tendency, in Portugal, maybe for cultural reasons, the habit of turning to a Wedding Planner for help, is not yet fully established. Considered by many as an additional cost, planning is usually taken up by the couple themselves, friends and family members who volunteer to help or have a way at certain tasks. As such, in many cases the practical result of all this amateur good-will is that those involved in the process loose a lot of time, the solutions found are not harmonious or the most economical, and the risk of something going wrong increases.

When you hire a wedding planner, you’re hiring the guarantee of working with a business professional, who not only accompanies the market’s tendencies but also tries to understand what each couple wants, studying and presenting the most suitable solutions for each situation. A wedding planner cannot assure you’ll have a sunny wedding day. However, they can assure that whatever unforeseen issues that may arise will be solved in the best way possible because their team controls all activities before, during and after the wedding day. And for all situations they will always have a plan B. Trust our privileged contacts and our experience. We want to help you create a unique event, fun and well-structured. In the end, we’ll be your consented significant-other, the ones that will draw this day exactly like you imagined.

“Forever – is composed of nows”
- Emily Dickson -

For most couples, planning their wedding might be the most challenging part of the adventure they are about to embark. Well, not for us. We know how to get around any obstacle. First, we rely on the wise Italian expression “piano, piano “, which translates into a job done slowly and step-by-step. Once we have established all the key-moments, we can underline precisely when and what details we need to take care off. We leave nothing to chance because we believe that every detail is a significant part of a particular story, yours. Our method is simple. We meet each couple for brainstorming and after going through different ideas and the estimated budget, we present a few proposals which include venue and supplier’s suggestions for different services as well as the handling of all legal documents necessary. Once the plan is chosen, we start by preparing a timeline of the day of the wedding which will guide us through all the planning stages. Once everything is set, we assign a member of the Something Borrowed team to be at your wedding and make sure all goes according to plan. All this detail assures us a very well-structured plan and significantly reduces the margin for errors. Our main goal is to have everyone do well in the picture. Trust our sixth sense, as we rely on your imagination.

Designed for those who demand the monitoring of a coordinator from the very beginning of planning the event and throughout the process until the day of the party, our planning & supplier management service considers:

  • An initial meeting to review ideas & solutions;
  • The presentation of proposals and budgets with venue and supplier suggestions;
  • The presence during meetings and visits;
  • The analysis and celebration of contracts with the different suppliers;
  • The preparation of a timeline of the day of the event;
  • The confirmation of timings with the different teams present;
  • The presence of a member of our team on the day of the event.

This is a service for couples and families that prefer to turn to a team of specialists for planning their event.

For those who prefer tranquility. For the…

For those who have little time or do not appreciate the fussiness that goes into organizing an event, our wedding planner service is an excellent option.

Relax and talk to us. We make it easy.