“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”
- Winston Churchill -

Despite all the preparation work often taking many months, the big day will finally arrive. For everything that has been previously arranged with great care and detail to go as planned, one month before the event, we confirm the list of suppliers and schedules of the various moments of the party. Still, it is essential that on the day chosen to celebrate such an important event of your life, everything is being controlled by a watchful and experienced eye. Thus, a member of our team will be assigned to your event and will be at the venue from the beginning. This coordinator is responsible for guarantying the fulfillment of all details contracted with suppliers, coordinating between them and, above all, ensuring the couple won’t have to worry about anything but enjoying their time. In addition to this coordinator, our company has also a stewardess service. The stewardess can also be at the wedding from the beginning, and is responsible for attending to requests from the hosts and also receiving and guiding the guests through the different moments of the party. Let us guide you! Experience has taught us the best way go.

Designed for those who have the opportunity to plan everything and just need someone to oversee and coordinate the different teams, our day of the wedding coordination service considers:

  • An initial meeting to review the outlined plan outlined;
  • The confirmation of the contracts made with different suppliers;
  • The preparation of a timeline of the day of the event;
  • The confirmation of timings with the different teams;
  • The presence of a member of our team on the day of the event.

This is a service for the couples who planned and dealt every detail up to their wedding day.

For those who just need a helping hand in the final stretch. For the…

If this is your case and you have ventured in planning your wedding…

Find the missing piece you need to fully enjoy your day, knowing that a member of our team will be present at every moment to ensure all your nerves and anxieties.