“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

The saying is old, for the couple everything is new and it is on us to lend our knowledge ensuring that tradition continues as it was.
We can simply follow some stages of your project or plan everything with you from the start. From then on, the adventure is yours. We are not just another company, we are partners, confidants, and informed accomplices for all your decisions. We want to be beside you, accompany you and help you in your choices.
Surprise-Weddings? Fabric-printed invitations? Rain boots for a rainy wedding? Exchanging rings on a boat? Garden pic-nic reception? Guests seating on straw bales? Snow instead of rice? Acrobats in the room serving champagne? Been there, done that… We have made all of these come true and have so many other ideas waiting for you.
We like to do things differently. Be original, we promise we will be too.



For those who can and want to dedicate entirely to planning their wedding. For those who need just a little push to get started. For the…

Day of the Wedding Coordination

For those who have planned their wedding down to the last detail for the past months. For those who want to fully enjoy their day. For the…

Wedding planner

For those who seek guidance from the first moment. For those who are sure to want a team of professionals planning their wedding. For the…

Destination weddings

For those who fell n love with Portugal and chose to travel all the way here to celebrate their wedding. For those who are far but need to feel close. For the…

  • Brain Storming

    Each of our proposals is tailored to the couples who come to us. So before we draft a plan we want to hear your ideas, understand what you want and what you have already devised. We want to give you suggestions and draw with you the first sketch of your day.

  • Planning & Budgeting

    After having designed the event, we move to the next phase of planning and budgeting.
    We organize how we can give life to the ideas we saw with you, and gather in one document several alternatives and different budgets. Because we want you to have a real idea of values, we create a document that can be easily edited allowing you to have, at all times, an updated budget for your wedding.

  • Making it come true

    You get the most important part of the whole process: choosing.
    Choosing the venue, the catering, choosing the décor and, simply, choosing the team we will gather to make your idea come to life.
    From then on, we take care of everything so you can truly enjoy and relax: we manage suppliers, organize the teams, prepare timelines and accompany you close until and during the wedding day.

Invitations & Graphic Materials

Traditional, ecological, fun, exotic, irreverent or themed, the invitations are the first image of your wedding and how we slowly begin to sketch your day. Whether they are designed by the two of you with our help or drafted by the teams of graphic designers we work with, what really matters is that you feel and see these invitations as your own and see yourselves in them. We want you to share your story with the guests whom you’ve chosen to share such a special day with, from the very beginning.

And because we know that it is important that all the pieces fit perfectly, we suggest that other graphic materials – menus, seating plans, table markers, among others, follow the concept of the invitations with similar colors, shades and fonts. Each of these materials will be another detail and will complete the remaining decoration you chose.

Dresses, Suits & Accessories

Most couples prefer to buy the dress, the suit or the wedding accessories on their own. Before deciding, talk to us and let us show you the best places to go.

We will be happy to help you by arranging visits and appointments and we can always suggest ideas for different accessories or even wedding rings.

Hair & Make-up

We know on your wedding day everyone will want to look their best. We work with hairstylist and make-up artists that can easily adjust to the style and mood of each mother, bride or guest and leave them stunning!


Whether you are thinking about getting married or are already celebrating a vow renewal, we are with you at every stage. From the preparation, translation and authentication of documents to the opening of the legal marriage process, we can help you with every step, make contacts with conservatories, churches or even symbolic celebrants.

Whatever the type of ceremony you idealized, talk to us and let us suggest the best option for you.


Do you have a house where you have always dreamed of gathering the people that are special to you and celebrate your wedding? Perfect! We make a first visit to the place to outline a plan and from then on, we deal with all the logistics necessary to adapt this venue to what you need, whether it’s tents, generators, catering, sound or lighting.

However, if you have in mind that viewpoint or that garden where you met a few times and named as “yours” why not do something different and go back to that place on your wedding day? We will always have in mind what licenses we need to have and the limitations inherent to the use of a public space, so that you can make the most of the moment and draw another memory in a place that was already yours.

If on the other hand, you prefer to choose a wedding venue, with all the advantages of not having to worry about any logistical details, know that you have many more options other than the most traditional venues. We try to suggest elegant, different places, that can add value not only to the concept outlined for your wedding but also to the different scenarios that Portugal has to offer.


The menu you choose will be an essential part of the wedding. It must have the ability to fit your traditions, taste or the concept you have chosen for your day. Whether you choose a country’s typical menu, an organic, vegan or signature cuisine menu, the possibilities are endless and we can help you in this selection.
We will consider the number of guests, the schedules and the distribution of the various wedding moments and will suggest what makes more sense to offer your guests throughout the day.

Decoration & Flowers

From the beginning of the the party the decor and the flowers will not only show a bit of your taste but will also help you to create the environment you have chosen for your wedding.

Selecting a venue you like will be the first step in making the décor choice easier. However, if the location you chose doesn’t have the tables or chairs you like and you already had other ideas, we can help you find the best materials and show what details will have a greater impact and visibility in your décor.

The flowers will be another addition to everything you decide. Whether you choose season flowers, local flowers or those flowers only produced in some parts of the world, we work with professionals that can advise us and who know to prepare a bouquet, a lapel or various arrangements and centerpieces, in whatever way is best.

Sound & Lighting

Whether you’re considering a soloist, an orchestra or a gospel choir for the ceremony, a saxophonist or a jazz trio for the welcome cocktail, or even just background music during lunch or dinner, music will define the different times and moments throughout the party and the mood of your guests.
On this day, it is important to have a great DJ or musicians who can guide you in choosing the songs and the performances that best suit each moment of your day.


Aerialists serving champagne? Starfish shaped fireworks? Jazz dancers dancing to your favorite tunes? Magicians that take guest’s pictures out of their hats instead of rabbits? All this is possible. Whatever your idea, we can help you to get it out of your notebook and make it real, or at least adapt it in order to surprise your guests with something different.

And if you are going to have children at your wedding, know that they are one of your most demanding guests. Why not think of something special for the little ones? Between games, balloons and face painting, we are sure they will be rendered to the teams of animators we recommend and their parents will enjoy the party with another tranquility.

Photography and Video

Because these are the tangible memories of a day you will not repeat, choose someone who knows how to capture them to your taste. We work with professional photography and video teams to make sure no moment goes by unnoticed, not a smile or a kiss.
It’s important for you to see different portfolios and styles of photography and video. If you need our help, we can always suggest some teams who have already accustomed us to their excellent work.


In a scooter, riding a classic car, or even in a hot air balloon, arrive in whatever way suits you best to your wedding. In addition to your transport, we can also ensure, the transport of the guests.

Whether for the difficult access to the wedding venue, or simply to facilitate the stay of your foreign guests or the ones that live further away, we have partners with whom we can arrange shuttles and transfers between airports and hotels and even between different hotels and wedding venue. Anything you need so both you and your guests can be relaxed and truly enjoy this day!


Either because you chose a place far from everything to be able to enjoy a few days with your friends and family, or because most of your guests are foreigners, we want to ensure everyone has a comfortable and special place to stay while they’re in Portugal and the opportunity to have a unique experience.

Hotels, hostels, apartments, farmhouses or cottages, the options are endless! Share your idea with us, or what you would like to prepare for your guests, and we can help you choose the accommodation as well as arranging special rates for your wedding.

Other events

Welcome your guests with a cocktail or a BBQ on the day before the wedding and surprise them with a detox brunch on the day after. These and other ideas are great excuses to spend more time with your friends and family.

Enjoy some time together at a family home, or let us suggest you so many other places where you can peacefully relax in good company on the days before and after the wedding.

Wedding Night

It is always a special moment for the two of you and there are endless options to consider. If you need any help or suggestions, feel free to ask us!

The important thing it to, whether you choose to spend the first night as a married couple in what will be your new home or prefer to go and relax of all the months of preparations in a luxurious environment, make this a memorable moment!


After the big day, you truly deserve the honeymoon you have been dreaming of for so long. Embark with us on whatever adventure suits you best.

Swim with the white sharks in South Africa, bathe in a volcano in Iceland, spend an evening with an Indian tribe in South America, taste a breakfast on Everest, or just sit and enjoy the ever romantic view of the Eiffel Tower, in France.