“My heart is ever at your service.”
- William Shakespeare -



Av. Nª Srª do Rosário
Lote 919, Apartamento 61
2750-181 – Cascais


+351 210 189 974





Although technology has become a fundamental tool for our everyday work, we don’t pass on the opportunity of a face-to-face encounter. Preferably even two, three of four – as many as necessary. Over the phone, e-mail, Skype, Facebook or any other social network, we’re here for you. However, if you chose to visit our office, you’ll always find a comfortable seat overlooking the sea where you can savor a cup of tea or coffee with us. And if you’re lucky, once in a while you might even find some cookies or scones.

When you’re making such important decisions, we believe it’s important to make you feel at home in a cozy setting. In these moments Something Borrowed prides on being a close friend. Meet us in Cascais and we promise to leave nothing but good memories!