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We know that with a few clicks you’ll find numerous checklists that can help guiding you on this amazing journey that is planning a wedding but still, we decided to risk and try to prepare something different for you.

In a couple of weeks our checklist will be ready for downloading and it will be very easy to use:

  • You’ll just need to insert your names
  • Your wedding date
  • And select the items you’d like to consider:
    • Whether you’ll have a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony
    • What areas of the venue you’d like to decorate
    • What type of entertainment you envisioned
    • Or how you’d like to remember your day

There are lots of options and in the end you’ll receive a checklist that was made-to-order and will even give you some reference values for the different services you’re considering hiring.

And don’t worry, if in the end your task list turns out to be frighteningly long, feel free to give us a call! I’m sure we can help!

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