“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
- Albert Einstein -

Our team usually wears sneakers but, at the right time we know how to safely walk in high heels. Admittedly technology dependents, it doesn’t keep us from spending a week contemplating the dessert sky or meditating in an isolated temple in India. We love to travel and see the world and maybe that’s how we became experts in creating so many different worlds just sitting in our office. We love traditions, but also try to add a touch of innovation, tailoring ceremonies to each couple’s expectations. By motto, we risk every day. The only limit we impose ourselves is our costumer’s liking. We make dreams, wishes and ideas come true. We are not magicians but for the past nine years we’ve been putting a little bit of magic in everything we do. The choice of the date is yours. The work, ours. Talk to us and we’ll take you every step of the way to the altar.

Writing my profile was probably the hardest part of putting this website together. I started so many times, wrote so many drafts and even asked a few close friends for help… Believe me, it wasn’t an easy task.

I had the pressure to describe what moves me while staying away from clichés and, more than that, to be able to, in just a few lines, make you bond with me and with the passion I have for what I do.

I decided to keep it simple.

After years thinking I would follow some sort of science area, I ended up graduating in Communication Sciences, during which I acquired a taste for Institutional Communication, Human Resources management and some aspects of Marketing.

I interned in a Customer Service department and, in just a few months, realized the importance of gaining a customer and recognizing the value of a negative feedback the same way we appreciate a compliment.

As the internship came to an end, the idea of Something Borrowed slowly started to grow alongside the will to bring something different to this area with this project starting from zero.

After a postgraduate diploma in Image, Protocol and Event Planning and with a little push from a couple of professors who believed in the concept, Something Borrowed started to take shape and slowly growing.

Giving up has never been part of my vocabulary. Persistence and the will to carry out new projects have been throughout my life, my greatest assets and allies.

I’m addicted to details, moments and people. And have dedicated my life to finding that perfect point in all my experiences and those of the ones who find me and trust me the most important day of their lives.

I’m emotional. Yes, facts are important, but it’s the emotions that guide me and it has been a privilege to be guided by the will, complicity and love of so many couples and families with whom I have shared so many days over the last years.

More than a wedding planner, I’m a wedding lover.

“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”

Want to know us a little better? Below you can find links about some weddings we’ve helped coming true that have been featured in foreign blogs, inspiring numerous couples…

Perfect wedding. Only possible with Teresa and Marta’s great help! Great professionalism, always with the best suggestions and new ideas to make our day even more perfect. Their presence on the day of the wedding could not have been better, always at our side for everything we needed. Thank you Teresa & Marta!

Sandra & Ricardo

Teresa and Marta from Something Borrowed planned our wedding, in a short time, and showed great professionalism. At the same time, they were unsurpassed in personal treatment, in their availability and flexibility to discuss and adapt our ideas. We were very pleased with the end result. It could hardly have been any better.

Irina & Porfírio

We loved working with Teresa and Marta. Our wedding day was magical, exceeded our expectations. We could not have done this without them. We did not have to worry about anything. This made it possible to organize a wedding in Lisbon while living in another country. The decorations were exactly how we wanted.

Jessica & Pieter

Teresa and Marta from Something Borrowed were fantastic, very helpful, and gave us great advices as to organizing this unforgettable day!
The difficulty was that we live in Paris and held our wedding in Estoril, but they were always available, listening and offering good ideas.
Thanks to them this day was magical, thank you!
I strongly recommend working with them!

Sarah & Vincent

Something Borrowed was fantastic! I am a very organized person but working full time I could not always be on top of the providers and deal with those thirty thousand details that sometimes we can’t even remember! They were always very efficient taking care of everything and executed my vision of our day dream perfectly, they knew how to be firm with suppliers and negotiated values in a professional and effective way. They were an indispensable support and were great keeping the wedding within the budget by providing a good benchmark as to what is, in fact, expensive or cheap in the world of weddings (which is not always obvious).
I strongly recommend them!

Anna & Mario